Sanctuary Tree

by HemmingPlay

The poet Rumi advises us to find a place
high in a nearby tree to hide our spirit.
It is so easily bruised and, when damaged,
we cannot hear what it has to teach.
I read this and had a question–
why did I wait so long to do the work
my fingers should always have been doing?
(There is considerable guilt around this question,
and a few regrets, if I let them fester).
I just didn’t know how to protect my spirit yet,
to shelter it in that old Hemlock tree there,
dark, unmoving, quiet,
but happy to give my spirit sanctuary,
as though it grew all those years for
no other purpose.

6 Comments to “Sanctuary Tree”

  1. Please do not be misled. Your spirit is as it is, you mind through its thoughts, is what hides the spirit and doesn’t allow it to express. Your whole work should be understand the cunning play of your mind. Once you understand and do not let it play anymore you can then, only act from the spirit that Rumi talks about.

    • I agree, and the tricks I can play on myself are the hardest to see, sometimes. I think I was just using slightly different words, but we agree.

      • However, words are never the thing. And, the thing cannot be changed until you really know what the thing is! I have seen how I have played with words all my life with a hope that it may bring a change. Nothing happened!

  2. Change, in my humble opinion gentlemen, is initiated and culminated through the power of positive thought and reorienting our minds/ centering our spirits on what we Believe Possible. What we Believe we Can Achieve 😉

    Lovely Verse HemmingPlay!!

  3. Did you know you have a poem in drafts

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