Birthday Request

by HemmingPlay
Pillars of Creation: interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, some 6,500-7,000 light years from Earth where stars are born

“Pillars of Creation”: Hubble photo of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, some 6,500-7,000 light years from Earth where stars are born

In case anyone’s interested,
I’d like the superpower of “Folding” for my birthday.
It cuts out the middle man
to command space and time
with no bureaucracy.

Like a cosmic calendar with tricky bits.
I’d fold weeks, months, years, centuries together,
jump to any time, past or future.
The first would be hanging with
the first human band to walk out
of Africa 60,000 years ago.
I’d wait in the shade of a date palm,
on the banks of the Nile,
bouncing rocks off the skulls of crocodiles,
keeping an eye out to the south.
I would get a fire going and
cook hot dogs and hamburgers,
and have beer chilling on ice.
History’s first tailgate.
I would show them an iPhone, take a
picture, make a movie.
Order something from Amazon. …Maybe
a slinky, some bows and
arrows and knives.
A chemistry set. Aspirin. Cargo pants,
broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses.
Trail mix. Snickers.
It’s in our interest that they eat
well on the trip. Then…
I’d tell them to be kind to one another,
That the Great Spirit was watching.
And I’d disappear.

Then I would fold a map of earth upon itself
(like the pages of that map in the car.
That’s how I got to the mouth of the Nile, after all.)
But I’d fold the map again and again,
touch this place with Nebraska,
with California, or Istanbul,  or Melbourne,
or Russia, and Rome–
wherever you are.
Just touch two dots together
and be there with no jet-lag.

Or I would take my super-power star chart and touch
this place with a place halfway across the
galaxy, or another galaxy, or Jupiter or
a planet with an atmosphere of pure joy.
I’d pause for an eon to take in the light show of the
Pillars of Creation,
7,000 light years away,
birthplace of stars,
then fold again,
take a left at the first star
and go on until morning,
maybe to Never-Never Land,
just to see where I end up,
buzz Captain Hook, have a
drink with Tinker Bell and
pray I find my way back.


3 Comments to “Birthday Request”

  1. Interesting read… Representing time as a physical dimension is brilliant..
    –Dilip from Chennai

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