Breaking Walls

by mkvecchitto

If I asked the questions

would it be enough to break through

the walls we build between us

Without offering advice or suggestions

I might have a chance to get to know you

if I asked the questions

It might give us the chance to discuss

all that stands in the way of a chance to connect

Would it be enough to break through?

And so I’ll continue to ask and hope

we can find a way to destroy

the walls we build between us

photo: Pixabay

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8 Comments to “Breaking Walls”

  1. Questions, it is where we start if we want to understand anything. You can’t go wrong if you ask the right questions. 🙂

  2. Sorry for the HUGE photo. Adjusted it twice, but it didn’t change…

  3. The mention of walls often reminds me of a quote from Emerson: “Every wall is a door.”

  4. Simply beautiful! Your words always create lasting spiritual embraces!!!!!

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