A “Restricted Bathroom Law Reality Check”Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

As anyone who has ever had a baby or an enlarged prostate knows, when you gotta go, you gotta go. And everyone else knows it too. Seriously, who hasn’t prayed that they get to a bathroom in time? I’m guessing God has a special unit of angels just to handle those prayers, they get so many every day.

So why would any compassionate, decent person want to deny access to a bathroom to another person? Bathroom doors and bathroom stalls have locks on them. It’s not as if concealment is an issue. Yet the homophobes are back at it again trying to discriminate against transgendered people. They are not going in there to recruit converts. They are going in there to perform a bodily function. Period. And that led to this……

When you’re doing the “I can’t hold it” dance,
Regardless of your sexuality or political stance,
If you really have to pee
You’ll duck behind a tree….
And be grateful you didn’t piss in your pants!


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