A “Tweeting Trump Star Trek Adventure” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

In my last limerick, I made mention that the President Elect has chutzpah and cunning. Dumb like a fox, my grandfather would say. He has figured out two important things that will play heavily on how he communicates with America and The World. He has figured out that he can not control the press. He may have a hostile and adversarial relationship with the press, but he has no direct power over it – they are going to say whatever it is they have to say and report what they think is news. But he has also figured out that he can control the news through social media and that gives him some indirect control over the press. Never thought I’d be thinking about stuff like this but……it led to this

We’ve never had a tweeting President before
Who used social media to roar.
We’ll soon be all knowing
Because Free Speech is going….
Where no one has gone before!

3 Responses to “A “Tweeting Trump Star Trek Adventure” Limerick”

  1. might buy a few newspapers and control them 🙂

  2. He has chutzpah, enough to hitch a ride on the backs of the uneducated. Though he claims to have a mandate, he refuses to accept he lost the popular vote by 3 M.


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