A Winter’s Day

by Colly


Winter’s frost captures sunlight,

as tiny airborne crystals

linger in the air.


White snowflakes, crystalline,

gleam, laden a-top winter’s

white dress.

As particles roll in the snow

wind-driven drifts

blow over country fields.


Light, white, prism wisps

amass – rise,

swipe wooden fence post;

permit a grant for more snow

to lift then fall.


Icicle d branches

seemingly echo cold day’s – night’s;

stiff, thick with white frost,

frozen, immobilized.


The morning’s light drapes

a long, yellow, shear,

following the horizon

above and wold below.


A stream of sunlight,

yellow and bright,

strobes through

white capped evergreen

to meet my eye.


While many Chickadee’s

gather nearby in the trees…!

Oh, how I love

to see them feed on the

sunflowers in the feeder.


But the Canadian Flicker’s,

they, bargain for a taste

of the suet

as a woodpecker waits.


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