A Very Short, Short Story

by kim blades, writer

Poetry challenge: new year poem.


To make writing a career I need to write,

that’s simple truth and not spite.

Poetry writing is not an earner

so I have to branch out and try something firmer.

Short stories are going to be my next endeavour,

I hope inspiration comes together.

I’ve started to write about my favourtite place on earth,

somewhere agoraphobics give a wide berth.

The mopane savanna, rocky hills and riverine forest

is where I could live forever if I’m honest.

With the buffalo, giraffe, big cats and buck,

who’ll be my companions if I have good luck

and have enough success to buy a cabin in the bush

and a four by four I don’t have to push.

My New Year’s Resolution is to write and succeed,

to realize my dreams, my hopes and need.





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