Let’s Get Going On Our Way

by Renwick Berchild

Wonderment shakes my hand, and escorts me down the spiral stair.
I am eager to meet the ghosts and echoes and shadows that linger there.
I am wistful, for what I leave behind, but gentle past waves farewell;
I am letting all completed and unfinished projects rest upon the mantle.
The world is still turning, and time keeps pressing on my skin and sinews.
Babies go on growing, things wake, and sleep; I go on hoping
That life will give us all new sets of keys. That doors will not be brutal,
Nor the passages too winding and unforgiving. Let dragons lie.
May the moon in her darkness continue her dance and swimming.
The ballroom is vast; may we all go on waltzing until we drop.
I am eager to greet all the things I’ve not predicted, got lost,
Find myself in an unexpected land, home, with unexpected people,
Unexpected happenings, surprises and mysteries and trips and whatnot.
Good things aren’t exactly what I have in mind; I simply don’t know.
We shall not be finding what we have been seeking until we have sought.

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