POEM: December Twenty-Ninth

by merlinspielen

On the fifth day of Christmas My true love gave to me: Five Golden Rings… December 29th is here and so this is the “Fifth Day of Christmas.” This is a quiet day – as the day…

Source: <a href=”https://merlinspielen.com/2014/12/29/fifth-day-of-christmas-five-golden-rings-3/”>Fifth Day of Christmas: Five Golden Rings</a>

Round wheels and gears never cease morphing
raw paradise to more earthly hell.
Five golden rings is pure overkill
where one golden ring would be pleasing.

Somehow it’s never enough to feel
that all of our needs are satisfied.
We consume to excess; gratified
to be another want in the wheel.

Feed me; please me; make me more than real!
There’s a plastic black hole inside me;
accretion disk of purchased debris,
buried beneath sweet lies of appeal.

I have never wanted anything
more fiercely than your gentle presence
as I laid naked in your essence…
That alone outweighs any golden thing
ever desired by human hearts.

3 Comments to “POEM: December Twenty-Ninth”

  1. I liked the third stanza the best and the phrase: “make me more than real!”

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