The Make-up

by OrangeDilip


Hazy mirror and a razor
lay crossed aside sharp
scissors of acrylic handle;
Slow music in the background
piped bloody blues
A nip in the ravenous
stomach of filthy tube
popped green gel…
Bristles from the wood, scooped
cool neon gel from thy tube
clogged its meltdown
in thy hot noon air
Which flowed contritely
through thy grilled window;

Brushed his face
Which grew light untonsured hair
grained and hued like dark oak
erecting a cloud of white foam…
He held the razor, by
her erect plastic butt
solemnly regretting the act;
He made rapid crosses
On his black-sea face
collecting thy lather
in a bowl, melange
of liquid cigar ash
beige soap lather;

Studying his shaven cheek
he laid razorblade aside
frowin’ thy milk red foam;
Sharp razor had hewed
tiny freckle cap on his lower cheek
which erupted red lava
amidst black-white sea…
A mild shower and
slow saxophone radio music
pleased him a degree;
His long black hair
wet as boggy snakes
spiralled unconditionally
Secreting chemical aroma;

He tangled thy sun-dry hair
akin giant cotton black ball
draped it with jasmines
tied diagonally to a twine;
wrinkled paper lay
on yellow girl gown
with white talcum powder…
Dimethicone on open raw freckle
oozed burning sensation;
licked his finger,
his finger licked the cut
Painted red full moon
on his forehead, round and round;
two more circles of liquid
red paint on top of it…

Black eye paint complimented
mascara paintings on eyelashes
foundation cream lightened
by rose nude lipstick
nose rings, smaller than
Large oval ear Jimkis
reflected spectrum of colors
on thy black radio box
A spray of mouth freshener,
in his mouth won’t aid
the fluoride rinse for whole
swallow-swashy night;
she was he,
he loved the Makeup
he is she,
she loves the Makeup…

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