in love I once was

by K. T. Dibert

fearless I am, yet fear encumbers every ticking second of time.

dead I am, but love of verse permits limitless rhyme.

in pain I am, though the days will expire,

like the forest or the woods, the abandoned town in a grapevine fire;

but in love I once was, but death was my calling,

and alive I once was, but the violet skies came falling:

came falling, the sky, in droplets, forming, in copious size

came falling, the sky, like a broken sunset before I realized;

broken like glass which shattered and cut like scrapes of the past

because in love I once was, with shreds of the things,

that just won’t last.


4 Comments to “in love I once was”

  1. Hi Kyle, nice poem, you forgot about the tags and the read more.

  2. I always seem to forget — sorry!

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