Eldritch Abominate Creatures – ‘The Giant Orbiting Whela’

by OrangeDilip


Somewhere in the farthest galaxy…

Payne grey bouldery
dorsal ridges, flattered
glittery blue tumours
on rostrums, large as Jupiter;
Neon reflections on flippers
are supernova delusions
elliptic stripes on throat grooves
are scrubs on titanic hollow rings

gulps blizzard blue planets
big as giant gas Saturn
gyrating on the orbit
Stellar debris are whale mucks;
Performs death rolls
once in fifty quadrillion
out of deep depression
squeezing reverse time loops
and instigating distorted
space-time-continuum seriatim;
jet of electric photon
expultions, from blowholes are
illustrations of black hole Monsters
sucking electromagnetic radiations;
sequence of whistles and clicks
Paralyse thy hush stellar groove
insurgent flapping flukes are
Crab nebula hyperboles
He is ‘The giant orbiting Whela’


4 Comments to “Eldritch Abominate Creatures – ‘The Giant Orbiting Whela’”

  1. Welcome to poets corner, enjoy.

    Can you remember link or site for photo and read more tag.

  2. Another fantastic, graphically illustrated, expressed saga. (@–>–)

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