1947,18 May, Poem.

by Harry

Submitted by Jus’Covered

Leaning against the hay,
She stared at the sea,past the bay.
Her eyes distant,and far away.

A face grim and grey,
A frown never going away.
She glanced at Fay,
an island where the ship once lay.

Reminiscing the day,
A smile made its way.
A little girl stood at the quay,
A smile on her face,a shining sun ray.

Waving and laughing as they went away,
Regretful that she had to stay.
She had no choice,no say,
They were adamant she was not to board The Clay.

Watching and waiting,happy as a jay,
it was 1947,18 May.
The day of their arrival,hooray!

But then the news made its way,
The ship had gone astray.
Smashed to smithereens,
by the island not far away.

People said it was a price to pay,
She shuddered as she remembered the fateful day.
Watching and waiting,happy as a jay,
The day it happened-1947,18 May.

A sad day it made,
A memory never to fade.
Wishing she could have gone to their aid,
All she could do was watch as in their graves were they laid.

Her name was Jade,
A sad farewell she was bade.
Fervently,for them she prayed,
For her love for her parents could never be weighed.


3 Comments to “1947,18 May, Poem.”

  1. How sad it must have been. Great poem, loved the imagery in your words.

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to honor those who were lost. (@–>–)

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