Heaven’s Christmas Celebration

by 50djohnson

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.


by  Debbie


Having Loved Ones in heaven at Christmas sometimes makes the holidays very melancholy.   As Christians we have a hope others do not. That hope is to be with them again around the throne of God , the great I AM. I lost six dear family members in less than 9 months in 2012. This is 3rd Christmas without them… with the empty place setting, with no present for them under the tree. But thanks be to Jesus for He has set us free! Merry Christmas. Have you ever wondered if they celebrate Christmas in heaven?


I caught a glimpse of Heaven’s Christmas in my dream the other day,

Of angels playing on the sun in such a childlike way.

Swinging on the crescent moon, singing of Christ’s Birth,

I realized it was Christmas,  high above the earth.

Words cannot describe the colors of prisms sparkling glow,

For only glorious colors reflecting were seen here below.

Watching Jeannie,  Mom and Dad  sitting at Jesus feet,

Made the wonderful Christmas dream nearly complete.

Heavenly Choirs of angels with one voice proclaimed,

Aunts and uncles singing, Glory! Glory, to His Name.

Granddaddy and his brothers harmonizing Silent Night,

All the family gathered  worshiping at the holy manger sight.

Hailing of the heavenly hosts the manger and the tomb were bare,

Jesus Christ born, died, and risen, No, He is not there!!!

For He’s ruling at the right hand of the Father of all time,

Christmas bells  in Heaven ringing chimes so sublime,

Pealing forth mankind’s freedom in the form of  a baby boy.

Could  be felt throughout heaven as miraculous cosmic Joy!

Wanting to stay and celebrate with the saints in jubilant throngs,

Raising my voice to worship in the joyful  Christmas songs,

As the crystal city began to fade, colors painted the sky,

Sunbeams casting shadows over  rainbows and clouds on high,

Trying already to remember Heaven’s Christmas Celebration divine

My soul’s  reassurance of salvation’s promise, this, too, would soon be mine.

Until that day I come to Heaven’s gate, all my loved ones  there to greet,

Until the day I shall sing in that choir and kneel at Jesus’ feet,

On Christmas Eve, the story we’ll read from God’s Holy Living Word,

Peace on earth good will to men Heaven’s Christmas Celebration’s Heard.


by Debbie Johnson

photot by Pinterest


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