You Never Know

by markfahmy


The thing about life is,
that you never know..

You never know who you hurt with the words you spoke,
or whose heart you accidentally broke.

You never know who you damaged every bit of their soul,
or whose shine you mercilessly stole.

You never know whose day you brightened up with a smile,
or who you inspired to go on for one extra mile.

And maybe that’s the greatest magic of all..
On the balance of life, each one of your actions weighs,
no matter how big or small.


photo from

9 Comments to “You Never Know”

  1. Beautiful! Your words struck a chord with me this morning.

  2. Yes a lovely poem. Can you put at the bottom where you got the photo in all your posts.

  3. Such Fabulous truths! (@–>–)

  4. Something has happened to your last post can you fix it please

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