Yule Babies (Christmas Poetry Challenge…Sort Of)

by Renwick Berchild

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.


I drink Rose.
I don’t care who you tell.
Warm cordials of blackberry indigo;
the expensive flutes
come out of the cupboard; apple cider, warm
cocoa, champagne
that wanes
with the wintry night.

Smelly feet of the merlot,
teas of canary yellow, bits
of coconut rum, the dice are thrown,
the bottles spun,
we shatter plates onto the sidewalk from off the balcony.

We are Yule babies;
Dark Solstice causes us
to drink like fish,
kiss like strangers,
dance around the fire with our breasts waving,
penises pinwheeling.

Pinot from Alsace,
the laughter
that overwhelms this place;
In our robes we fall over each other
into the snow.

Christmas comes early.
The New Solar Year

We breathe heavy
like dragons in the cold.
I devour my best friend under the mistletoe.
I drink Rose.

I don’t care who you tell.


3 Responses to “Yule Babies (Christmas Poetry Challenge…Sort Of)”

  1. Wow, you folks really know how to celebrate!


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