The Christmas Fairy That got the Hump!

by Harry

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.


Submitted by Willowdot21


It’s not fair it’s a shame
Christmas has come and gone again.

I am cold and put on weight
Eating all those chocolates I normally HATE!

The holly has all gone from the halls,

And some one broke my favourite balls!

There is a bit of Christmas tree

Stuck up the most embarrassing PART OF ME.!!

It is cold and bloody wet
But no one gives a damn about me I bet.

No one worries about the Christmas fairy

As long as she is cute and pert and not BIG AND HAIRY.

The snow has gone and turned to slush

The dogs are eyeing me up
I doubt it would help if I SHOUTED MUSH!

Santa came when he was drunk,
He was hot and he was rough

And now this fairy is UP THE DUFF!!


Willow is a member on poets corner.


2 Responses to “The Christmas Fairy That got the Hump!”

  1. Brilliant poem brilliant, can’t wait for part two 🙂


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