A Jewish Nativity Narrative Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.

This snippet’s lost in Christmas lore joy.
Baby Jesus was not the first “Goy.”
Here’s what most Christians miss –

The Wise Men came for the Bris….
Which they have for a Jewish baby boy!

Did you get the bad “snippet/snip it” pun?  Harry, you asked for Christmas poems. There’s more on the way


3 Responses to “A Jewish Nativity Narrative Limerick”

  1. Christians in general tend to forget that Jesus was Jewish and he did his teaching as a Jewish man, the same as all of our prophets.

    Since the Christian moral religious ideology is based on the teachings of Jesus, who taught as a Rabbi, it is essentially the same moral spiritual ideology of Judaism. The fairy tale doesn’t take place until the death of Jesus, which, ironically, gives Christians a way to absolve themselves after leading a life which is not in accordance with the teachings of Jesus….but people do love to believe in fairy tales. I happen to believe if you live your life in accordance to God’s commandments and perform mitzvot, God will take care of the rest.

    The pun comes from this

    Snippet | Definition of Snippet by Merriam-Webster
    Define snippet: a small piece of information or news —

    So ……

    This small piece of information is lost in Christmas lore joy – snippet


    Jesus’s ceremonial circumcision signifying his covenant with the God of Abraham is lost in Christmas lore joy – snip it

    It popped in my head in the middle of the night. I jumped out of bed and wrote it down and worked it later

  2. More on the way Joel, great 🙂


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