Piece by Piece ~ Christmas Poetry Challenge

by Anita Lubesh


I can’t wait to be back home
where the cold mingles with the dawn
and water drips delicately down the pane
catching the chilled air that still smiles
with the sunshine –
it has no aching bones.

Christmas lights shimmy as delicate,
icy ripples of a draught make
them dance together for a while.
Dainty legs of ribbon drape, relaxed
on the shiny wooden floor
with almost a sigh
in their silken sheen
when our fire lights up with a crackled smile –
a bauble slips through my fingers,
smashing the spell;
despite magic and wonder,
and how the frost can change things,
I remember why you won’t be home
for the holiday as I hear thousands of
tiny voices all alone in the dark
crying out for help.
I sweep up shards of glass,
symbolic of our broken times.


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