Christmas Sonnet – Christmas Poetry Challenge

by Morgan

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.




Beyond the barren, desperate plains,
The Weary, Calling to Heaven from earth;
Countless generations Cry in pain,
Breathlessly Awaiting a Royal Birth.
Light and Liberty, Outward Reaching,
Through all the years of Tribulation;
Prophets, Wisdom Gently Speaking,
Foretell Celestial Jubilation.
Across the skies of Darkness, Reaching
Down from Heaven on Bending Wing;
Love Imbued with Harmony, Teaching,
As Vast Choirs of Angels, Triumphantly Sing.
“Lift up your eyes with Joy, not Fear,
For Blessed Love Draws Gently Near.”


Unto those mortals, meek and lowly,
Watching o’er their flocks by night;
Heralding a Birth, Humble and Holy,
Love Shines forth in a New Star’s Light.
Amidst sheep and cattle, quietly Attending,
Laid to sleep within a manger there;
While Praises through the bleak night, Ascending,
Mark the poor and modest Gloriously Fair.
Finding the Child in Bethlehem’s stall,
Humble Shepherds Bow to an Infant King,
Where Heaven, Bending to Bless one and All,
Smiles, while Angels a Lullaby Sing.
God’s own Child sent to Lead and Heal,
God’s Love and Grace, In Flesh Made Real.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Thomas Cole


3 Responses to “Christmas Sonnet – Christmas Poetry Challenge”

  1. This is really nice. It flows majestically and feels to read like looking at a Renaissance painting.


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