Loving From Afar

by 50djohnson


Not a day goes by, I think I hear you call my name and hear your precious voice.

I almost hear you say ,”I love you so much, sweetie,” that my heart begins to rejoice.

Tender notes on the piano, as only you could play, cause my eyes to tear.

Trickling slowly down my cheeks a lump in my throat suddenly appears.

The passion in the notes you played cause my soul to leap within

Remembering praising together brings memories of way back when.

Loving as if it were only yesterday when we reluctantly said goodbye

A tear, a smile, a memory so deep from within brings a hesistant sigh

It’s better to have loved so dearly, much like joyfully swinging from a star

Memories are God’s precious gifts enabling us to keep loving from afar.


Philippians 1:3 “I give thanks to my God upon all the remembrance of you.”

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Photos copyrited by National Geographic DHayes



8 Comments to “Loving From Afar”

  1. This is so beautiful, and deeply moving

  2. Painfully beautiful ❤

  3. Keep smiling 🙂

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