All Hallows Night

by Judy E Martin

As darkness descends upon us

And the moon casts an eerie glow

On the last day of October

It is All Hallows Eve, you know


Where souls of those once departed

Come back once more to roam

Visiting their old haunts

Finding their way back home


Some of them are banshees

Screaming in the night

Or ugly, warty witches

That look an awful fright


Vampires who are looking

For someoneโ€™s blood to suck

Zombies from the graveyard

Decayed, and covered in muck.


There are ghosts and there are werewolves

All of which youโ€™ll meet

When you answer your front door bell

And the kids yell โ€˜Trick or Treat!โ€™



9 Comments to “All Hallows Night”

  1. Excellent!!

  2. I loved the zombies covered in muck part. Just made me laugh. Brains! I need brains!

  3. Very clever and in rhyme.

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