An Unnatural Storm

by Nick Anthony

A flash of lightning catches my eye.
From steel beams brightness springs
Bringing vibrant, ephemeral life
To the skeleton being constructed
Across the station parking lot.

Soldered steel steams red-hot with pain
As rivets cool and accept their role
Fighting gravity for an eternity.
The strong winds whisk the sweat
Off their strained joints, cooling red anger.
The growing ghoul groans at the cold.
Its creaking protests can be heard
Above the commotion of construction.

Twangs of dropped metal.
Rhythmic bangs of workers’ hammers.
The dull roar of dump-trucks moving Earth.
Electric flashes piercing the evening peace.

The Cyclops are at work in Nagahama
Forging the weapons of Zeus’ storm.

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3 Comments to “An Unnatural Storm”

  1. Lovely Nick but your forgets the tags 🙂

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