For Acrostic Challenge

by Rhyme In Time

Hell hounds howl at cold and distant moon
And slough off their humanity like skins,
Pretending as they shed their flesh cocoons
Perhaps they’re more than just a beast within.

Yet they have nothing on the wicked hags,
Horrendous harpies casting evil spells,
Around a cauldron huddled midst the crags.
Look where the giant creeping spider dwells
Lenticularly weaving silken traps.
Obscured in sticky balls of silk, its prey
Wish fitfully that they could ‘scape their wraps;
Entwined, they’re stored as food for future day.
Each nightmare creature comes alive to fright;
Now they it is who own unhallowed night.

8 Comments to “For Acrostic Challenge”

  1. You have a way to set the mood. Interesting word combinations – and had me look up the dictionary multiple times!! Thank you.

  2. That was a cracking poem, really enjoyed it.

  3. Dan, for acrostic you pick a word and write a poem based on that word and highlight the word on the page, you can see what I mean in the poem just above yours. Let me know if you understand.

  4. AH, I thought an acrostic was to pick a word and use each letter of that word as the first letter of each line. My bad. 🙂

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