The window

by Harry

Watching from my window

the clouds drift slowly by

forming and reforming

reshaping as they pass

on their journey to


devouring slower

clouds on their way

often a wink of the sun

lights up the brilliant

white cotton on top

but it does not last

the hole closes, sun gone

we are back to the dark

threatening menace

on they drift

to hit on someone

not my turn to-night



 Just wrote this from my hospital room, on what I hope will be the last night

12 Comments to “The window”

  1. Hope you get to go home, Harry. More importantly, that you heal quickly. Hospitals aren’t always conducive to that once the crisis is past.

    • Thank you kindly I should be home to-morrow. they are not the best place, I consider I should have been out 3 days ago with a little fault in my right leg but they want to test everything, they gave me a stick but I refuse to use it. Its great everything is free over here, some of the cases are really bad

      • I’m glad you don’t feel the need for the walking stick. Over here standard issue seems to be the Walker with the tennis balls on two of the legs.
        I hope the remainder passes quickly for you.

  2. I know so well how it feels to be in the hospital. One time I requested to discharge myself because the doctor was on vacation. It’s understable when they want to do more test, but you can’t really get good rest. Hopefully you’re home by now since you’re hours ahead.

  3. I love the poem Harry; wishing you wellness, speedy recovery…

  4. Wonderful heartfelt words Harry. Wishing you well. Jem

  5. Thank you both Colly and Jem.

  6. Love your verse, Harry, and am hoping you’re up’n’about in no time! Blessings . . .

  7. Beautiful! Hope you are on the mend. We’re all thinking of you!

  8. Lovely piece. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  9. Thank you for all your kind thoughts back and ready to go again 🙂

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