Xenophobic Zombies (for A-Z poem challenge)

by Rhyme In Time

“Absolutely bonkers!” chided dad,

Examining four gits he’d impressively jousted.
“Keep lying mired now on pavement; quiet!
Really sotted? That’s utterly vile.
What xenophobes, you zombies!”

3 Comments to “Xenophobic Zombies (for A-Z poem challenge)”

  1. I am sure this was a challenge you took on yourself and it is an amazing effort. Right now it seems like an image on TV which rapidly switch our attention. I wonder what you went through to bring into words.

  2. Thanks, Venkat. I sometimes cruise the poetry challenges page (https://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/poetry-challenges/) for inspiration. For this one, I started with words that seemed like they could be hammer-beaten into a narrative, and just kept hammering until I had 26 pieces in place, in the required order. Plus zombies are a popular theme. It’s hard to go completely wrong when you bring in the zombies. 🙂

  3. Such an out-standing Triumph.

    Well done and cleverly executed.

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