by dinamicdynasty

Clear, crystal clear

No spec of molecule

As it flows beyond

The naked eye.

It sings a song,

Gently, loudly, gushingly, crushingly.

A power so ezuberant,

It is loved, it is feared.


Upon the sunlight it dances

Moving to the slow rhythm and

The silent vibrations of the suns rays


Creatures come from afar

Finding comfort in its bossom

For it replenishes like no other


What a wonder it is

What a disastrous wonder it is


In the night sky,

Lights breaming from all corners

The moon and stars dance upon it.


Ships sail its mighty corners

Its mighty surface


Silently, they pray,

A prayer of the heart

A prayer of the night

A prayer of the moment


A safe voyage

A gentle docking


Whisps and splashes

Carried into mid-air

Lovers embraced before

Sprayed with the splash of

Clear joy, clear mist, clear droplets


Finally, it settles

Asleep like the sound baby

Awaiting its next adventure.


Copyright © 2016




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  1. Like it Yaa, you are now in the authors page.

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