The Cost of Love

by 50djohnson

As I’ve gotten older and have begun to lose the ones I held dear, it makes me search for reasons why we make the decisions we do? What motivates us to love? What motivates us to sacrifice our time for someone else? What motivates us to reach out and do what’s right and good,and others to chose to give pain and hate? I share a few of the ideas about which I’ve been thinking. What is the cost of love?

How long has it been since you talked to your Mom or just picked up the phone?

How many times have I reached for the phone and remembered she’s no longer home?

When was the last time you and Dad talked and laughed about things long ago?

Why do we run out of time to laugh anew just as we realize we have to let go?

How is it we can rationalize what is important or not,  based on selfish desires?

Why can’t we search our hearts and  their eyes and willingly give before they expire?

Why are the old left to cope and cry all alone each night in the dark?

Is life so exciting that other’s pain doesn’t matter until it’s too late to embark?

What will it take to teach the young that soon they too will be frail and old?

What would it cost if hearts changed and could no longer their love withhold?

How would life be different, if parents taught by example to sacrifice for love at all cost?

Oh, how the world would be heaven if children showed love before parents were lost?

Why is it so hard to imagine the world without loneliness, sorrow and pain?

Why is sacrifice so hard to understand and love so hard to explain?

Oh God, please dwell in hearts,  your loving Spirit directing  our actions from above.

For truly,  God understands, having given His Son,the world’s sacrifice, the ultimate cost of love!

by Debbie


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4 Comments to “The Cost of Love”

  1. This is beautiful. I share your sentiments. I wrote something along the same lines that you might enjoy:

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