Don’t Wait

by 50djohnson


imageLate in the evening it became the early morning hours

The satanic lion was prowling seeking whom he might devour.

Many people partying and enjoying life, the day was almost done.

Never in their minds did they dream they would not wake to see the sun.

In walked evil, guns loaded, plans made ready  about to start

Evil , hatred and destruction was all that was in his heart.

In His narcissistic eyes he became god, judge and jury that fateful. morn,

Shouts rang out, terror filled the room, people running for their lives

Screaming out to God to save them , but trapped as death arrived.

If those precious lives in the sight of God had known this day was to be their last,

What was the one  thing they would have done , the one they would have asked?

Would they have called their mother, would they have had lunch with Dad?

Would they have cried out to God for mercy, cried for one more day,

To show the person they loved the most, and say what they wanted to say?

The challenge to us as we walk away from the ruins of their lives, Don’t wait.

We must  learn from them that  we must show our love, for tomorrow may be too late.


by Debbie

Use with Permission.

From the New Release “For Just Five Minutes” by Deborah Johnson

available on


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  1. Nice poem, you forgot ” read more “

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