by Miriam Hurdle


I tried to convey to you a message,

You seemed to listen, mind far away,

You responded to me, but it’s your assumption.

No, that’s not what I wanted to say.


I tried again to impart, words different,

You seemed to listen, nodding your head.

You gestured to me, of what you heard,

No, it’s a wrong picture you got.


The third time I tried, a smile on my face,

You looked at me, making a puzzled sigh.

You asked me questions,

Yes, there’s some attention to me you paid.


The fourth time I tried, a little spark in my eyes,

Holding your face in my hands.

Tell me what you heard that I said,

Oh my love, finally, we were on the same stand!

 Feature Photo – Mercy and Will Rossi

4 Comments to “Communication”

  1. Communication a very enlightening poem..

  2. Open, honest communication is the key’ to any relationship.


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