by Miriam Hurdle


A tree was beaten, but not dead.

Branches were twisted, leaves flopped.

Roots were grounded, life came back.

Following the sun, upward they grew.

– Photo by Miriam Hurdle


7 Comments to “Beaten”

  1. Very direct and very lovely. Well done!

  2. Lovely verse for an extraordinary tree. so I find myself wondering, is that the way all those types of trees grow? Do you happen to know what species it is? very intriguing 🙂

  3. I researched for the images of Yew. The trees in my photos don’t look like Yew. Then I researched for trees with spiral trunk. They don’t name specific types of trees. they more like explain the phenomena of the spiral grain and the possible reasons of growth in spiral direction. One site refers to the redwood in California. Another site refers to the pine.
    This link shows more spiral trees:

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