The Song of the Leaves

by Morgan



The Song of the Leaves

Whispers in soft Suspirations


Delicately deciduous

Everlastingly evergreen

Proud pine Pointing Ever

To the Heart of Softly Spoken Shades

Lingering shadow of Verdant Blush

Tantric Sighs

Expansive and Lush

As each one Sings

In an Unspoken haze

Lilting Enchantment of Elder Days.



3 Comments to “The Song of the Leaves”

  1. Nice write up. I rename it the sun of leaves in spring.

    The song of the leaves
    Are cackling laughter in spring,
    They are tear-full joy in the dawn
    Morn of every spring….
    They are gentle pregnancy of sprouts….

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  2. Tantric Sighs! How lovely! Now I know what those things I know so well are called. Thanks!

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