The Mountain Seen

by mzanemcclellan

I have seen the mountains
though not been to their top,
wandered in the foothills,
stumbled but have not stopped.
Bedraggled and footsore,
ache permeates my soul.
Pain tells me I’m alive,
this zombie on the road.

I have sought the short path
taken the long way ’round,
and no matter how lost
at my center I’m found.
The endless dream without,
awakening within
an infinite balance
on the head of a pin.
Although I walk about
deep within me, I soar.
Seen above the mountains
beyond the distant shore.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved


6 Responses to “The Mountain Seen”

  1. You’ve spun a beautiful view of the mountains, I feel, through the eyes of longing. This is most excellent!

  2. Truly beautiful imagery and emotional expressionism.

  3. Michael, as well as poets corner I need you to put poetry, poem into tags, all poems go onto two other sites so I need them to go into the category.

  4. Gorgeous and I do love that last line 🙂


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