by Morgan




Staring Unbroken


A Token Treasure

A Measure of Aplomb;


Gazing Unrestricted


Addicted, thoroughly Convicted,

The Leisure of Aplomb;


Seeing Completely


Discretely Surveying

Obeying the Bravado of Aplomb.






Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original photographer and Model.  Thank you~



10 Comments to “Aplomb”

  1. “the leisure of aplomb” — the only thing I dislike about that phrase is that I cannot now immediately use it in one of my pieces. Excellent phrasing.

    • Certainly you can 🙂 I’d love to see where it leads you! Thanks Ever So much, Im so glad you enjoyed it. it was a bit of work constructing this one, but the challenge was worth it 😉 (I enjoy a challenge!)

      • Challenges can be extraordinarily rewarding. Putting a thought into words is always some type of challenge, but if it moves…it’s well worth it!

        ps, I added an “About” page to my blog to better represent where my work stems from. Take a look if you’re interested.

  2. My dear Morgan, I love what you’ve done here. Your words carry such magic. Great photograph as well.

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