by Jem Croucher

We took a week long holiday
and whilst we were away
Our lovely children trashed our house
‘Disgraceful’ you might say
But you’ve not heard the half of it
for what they planned to do
was a complete and total makeover
to create a home brand new

They stripped down all the walls
and painted everywhere
Fixed the big hole in the ceiling
Re-floored the kitchen there
Fixed the plumbing for the drainage
Re-plastered all the gaps
and all of this with only
the occasional mishaps

They tidied every single shelf
and dusted every book
to give our home a wonderful
clean and brand new look
So you can picture our reaction
when we returned and saw all this
It was the perfect present
Big hugs all round and kiss

Particularly when we found
that many more had lent a hand
to give our house its makeover
and leave it looking grand
What a simply marvellous thing
to go on holiday for a rest
and return to find a brand new home
Our children are the best.

©Jemverse [1/9/2016]

Video – ‘The Crouchers do DIY SOS’ – by Holly Croucher


11 Comments to “Makeover”

  1. What an incredible surprise! Jem, you and your wife are truly blessed to have such wonderful children. Great poem and great video, too.

  2. They did a great job, credit to them.

  3. Do you use the name Jem42 anywhere ?

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