by dinamicdynasty

I am Blessed with Beauty that surpasses all understanding

An Extraordinary and Exquisite gem I am.

Authentic and Unblemished am i meant to be.

Treasured and Irreplaceable am I meant to be.

Favoured and highly Favoured is this body meant to be.

Unbreakable in all dimensions and Loving in all understanding and capacity.

But i allowed you to break this structure

My mind races to find meaning but I have been staring at the meaning all my life.

It’s unfortunate i allowed my insecurities to blind me.

You may have broken every symbol, syllable, and fragment that represents this word in me

but know that, I am taking it back.

Back to the place it was always meant to be and stay “my heart”.



Signed DinamicDynasty

Copyright © 2016

3 Comments to “Beautiful”

  1. Absolutely, I mean Beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Truly spectacular poetry, poems. 🎉

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