I Rise, I Fall-We Rise, We Fall

by dinamicdynasty

I rise, I fall

That is the mode of life – i’m told

Never knowing where next to fall,

I glide along with society,

for that is the code.


I rise, I fall

We rise, we fall.

We stick together or we clash; which one is it?

I rise like the raging ocean- full of purpose, full of grandeur

But then i fall like the silent wave of the night,

slowly rocking back and forth, never settling in place.


I rise, I fall

We rise, we fall

Never looking back at time

For it can be ones worse enemy.

For time slips by; one never knowing where it has escaped to


I rise, I fall

We rise, we fall.

For the world encloses us

although it cascades it self like the beautiful marigold


I rise, I fall

For love leaves its bitter taste in my world

collapsing the very essence of my being


I rise, I fall

We rise, we fall

For although it may be said to be the norm,

we shall always rise and fall together.


4 Comments to “I Rise, I Fall-We Rise, We Fall”

  1. A very majestic sentiment, I think.

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