The Cycle of Life

by dinamicdynasty

A seed in time

Slowly germinates, slowly develops

A snip here, a snip there

A prune here, a prune there


A beautiful seedling it develops into like Spring

Sometimes bending, sometimes straight

Other times crooked

On rare occasions, a  support given to strengthen it

At last, supports removed

It stands to be admired

An awesome work of nature

Full of granduer, full of style like the Summer


Alas, how time flies

Slowly it withers away

Like the colours of Fall, slowly fading

slowly losing its gumption


Quietly, the end draws near

Dulling everything like Winter

Coldness sets in, and into the deep dark earth

of emptiness we go.


Quietly everyone goes about their Life

Awaiting the next cycle to take place

For it is a wonderous and marvelous cycle

One that can not be escaped by all.


In the end,

The Cycle Of Life is where we begin and end.

Goldfinch in the Garden.jpg




oak leaves.JPG



2 Comments to “The Cycle of Life”

  1. Well done nice start and welcome to poets corner

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