Two Idioms In Love

by Nick Anthony

When I’m with you,
I want to fill a pot with liquid love,
Set it atop our passionate flame,
And watch with such intensity
That the pot never boils,
Using the magic of anticipation
To make every moment together
Last forever in suspended animation.

But when, inevitably, our love boils over
Warming the winter weather,
Welcoming a wet spring,
I want to plant a garden with you
And watch the grass grow.

Day by day,
Inch by Inch,
As practiced persistence sprouts
Blade after blade,
Up and up,
Until they reach my mind
Stuck high in the clouds.

And we will cultivate countless crops.
Farming: the fruitful labor of lasting love.
And when you kiss me,
The butterflies in my stomach
Will flutter about our green field
And over our hearts’ harvest,
To rest upon the pod
Our pair of peas share.

And then the summer will come.
And we will go whitewater rafting
Up a creek without a paddle,
But we won’t be afraid
For our current runs gently.

Even if, as we drift down the stream,
We find ourselves caught
Between the rocks and a hard place,
The choice will be of no consequence
Because the only decision
I deem to be dire
Is the one to be with you.

You’re not a diamond in the rough,
But The Diamond that shines brighter
Than a galaxy’s swirling sea of stars.
Standing next to you,
Helen of Troy looks like a hag.
The best thing since sliced bread
Is your distant second.

A raging bull in our china shop
Couldn’t even crack the crystal stemware.
Together, we’re a bazooka
brought to a knife fight.

But we needn’t bother with bladed bouts.
For we’ll be busy chasing rainbows
Aloft on the wings of flying pigs,
Sailing the ROY-G-BIV highway,
Swashbuckling for pots of leprechaun gold
From their celestial castle in the clouds.

It may sound cliche,
But with you
Anything seems possible.

5 Comments to “Two Idioms In Love”

  1. Did you forget about the read more

  2. Such a poetic dilcacy. 🌹

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