Chronic Misunderstandings

by Renwick Berchild

Sushi misunderstandings,
Damnable doors that only swing one way,
Cold slabs of meat that hang in windows,
Cars and cars and cars and cars and
Cars that crash beneath my balcony, voices spark,
Howl and groan and cry to their dead parents,
Dead lovers, dead selves,
Needles in the sidewalk cracks,
Etiquette posh and pomp, pale men
Running their frail hands over buildings,
Women clacking, hot messes spitting up chow,
A child trips and falls in the road and a driver threatens
Bloody murder, murder, murder, bloody flowers
Clattering together in bouquets that rarely
Get enough light, we rarely get
Enough sunshine.

3 Comments to “Chronic Misunderstandings”

  1. Fine examples of poignant anxiety (ies) I believe.

    • Much of these ‘city-life’ themed poems have been building up for awhile – their are many things I love about living in a big city, but stress is abundant! Thank you for reading and for all the great comments 🙂

      • ‘City-life’ themed poems, isn’t a wonder also what the City-life can inspire from us within its confined, structured metal-lining, concrete streets.. 😉 I live in the suburbs’. And I must say there’s little from my window that inspires my writings, oh but when they come at me with full force of voice’, I definitely welcome them, happily. 😉 🙂

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