She Who Sings

by Morgan


I am She who Sings on the breeze

Through the delicate green tresses

Of my Sister Trees;

I am She who Waltzes upon the Shore

In Time with Eternity

Hand in hand with Lore;

I am the Whispering Hush of Night,

The Thunderous Splendour

Of New Morning’s Light;

I am the Waking Lavender Twilight,

Stillness Soothing through the

Soft Shifting Light;

I am the Herald of Seasons Turning,

I am the Fervor of Apollo’s Burning,

I am the Kiss of the Silent Stars

Glistening in the Sweet Heavens afar;

I am She who Gives Life,

Breathing Radiance and Mystery;

I am She who walked among

All Verdant History;

Pause and Listen to my Melodic Song!

Close your eyes,

Breathe Deep and Long,

To Know I am She

Who Sings Her Song for you,

Ever Tender,

Ever Passionate,

Timeless and True.



Thank You for these words that Sing from Your Spirit

Thank You, with Humility, that I endlessly Hear it!

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother,

You are The Source, Unmatched by Another!





Beautiful Original Music by:Β  BrunuhVille



15 Comments to “She Who Sings”

  1. nice poem and music….congratulations!
    many regards from Italy

  2. Such vibrant, vitality. Your words, imagery, passionate illustration, expression reminds of the Celtic song, I Am The Voice. πŸŽ‰

    • I am so delighted you enjoyed this Dorna and am honoured by your comparison πŸ™‚ She (being the Mother, Creator, Source) is truly so Beautiful, I couldn’t help myself! πŸ™‚

  3. She sings this song for me.Great poem there.

  4. This is absolutely stunning, I love it. πŸ™‚

  5. Masterfully penned, morgan! Well done, my friend . . .

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