Afraid of the Dark

by Judy E Martin

There’s one thing I don’t say very often

It sounds a bit silly to some

But I really don’t like being in darkness

It is a fear that I can’t overcome!

At night-time I leave the landing light on

‘in case I need to go to the loo’

I’ve tried to rid myself of the habit

But it is something, I just cannot  do!

If it is pitch black, it makes me feel dizzy

And my head is all in a spin

It feels like I’ve been at the bottle

And overindulged with the gin!

I hate it if there is a power cut

Especially when it is at night

I’m frantically searching for candles

To give myselfsome kind of light!

So now I’ve told you my secret

I’m glad its’s finally off my chest

Although I do love the moonlight

I still like daytime the best!


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