by Judy E Martin

There is no such thing as Utopia

But if there was, for me it would be

Days filled with beautiful sunshine

And home would be right by the sea.

There would be no sickness or hunger

Crime would never exist

No wars, struggles, or conflicts

Or hospital waiting lists!

Everyone would be equal

Regardless of colour or creed,

Gender and sexual preference.

There would be no children in need.

But what if life were so perfect?

With never a worry or fear

Nothing to strive or save up for

Everything you need is right here.

Being constantly happy

With everything going your way

May get kind of boring

Like a Utopian Groundhog Day!


9 Comments to “Utopia”

  1. That’s utopia for a change..

  2. Those first four lines resonate with me as, though not quite Utopia, where I live isn’t far from paradise. And I’m fortunate enough to have found it already!

  3. Judy, Judy,Judy. An excellent u have written.

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