At the beach

by Harry

One syllable poem: Poetry challenge

We were in the park

at the beach

it was great day

but it was so sad

to see the young one’s

out for a few hours, but with

a phone stuck in their face

so sad, it’s their life

glued to a small screen

with their small mind


8 Responses to “At the beach”

  1. Fantabulous!

    It’s truly a tragedy that kids would rather watch and take in beauty or whatever is offered instantly -when really it’s already around them in its natural state…

  2. Can I be the grouch and say ti ny has 2..soz H. it took me ages to weed them out of mine. And I agree, we have become another species and will evolve to have four thumbs.

  3. It is such a sad sign of our times.


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