Subliminal Antiphony

by Morgan

Subliminal antiphony

Moments Awash in hues of Light

Shimmering betwixt the baser glows;

Dancing Perception  upon the glass

Of Whispers heard from the depths below;

Subliminal Antiphony

Heralding the arching Breathless morn

As Grasping Earth stirs in silent Pause

All Nature’s Gilding to Adorn;

Sing, then, Sweet in lilting Verse,

A Beckoning Anthem to Imbue and Immerse.






Beautiful Photograph by Rajiv Chopra found at



4 Comments to “Subliminal Antiphony”

  1. A Haiku for Morgan

    Is Morgan losing her marbles
    forgetting what to do
    she’ll look around and twig on

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