Devil’s Table

by Zia Jane

Everyday I see you and smile,

We talk and laugh, all is stable,

But when you pass the lights go out

And I find my place at the devil’s table.


They know me there,

More than is surely good

But I don’t judge, my friends all,

Faceless pains under every hood.

It’s like my eyes roll down a curtain

When life makes me alone

Suddenly there’s a black backdrop

Far too familiar to predict unknown.


I don’t see what’s going on around

Frankly, i am glad of it

For what false images you present

False words you spit.


The devil tells me all your lies

What you really think.

He comforts me in times of need,

Shows me how to write with red ink.


He confirms my doubts and fears

Releases me from the truth

There’s a romance in the pain,

Once it has gone, like youth.


I fear if I leave I will be alone

He helps me so what’s wrong?

He let me in on a secret,

That reality’s a sad song


On repeat day after day

Same story a million times.

If there’s hate it will fester

If there’s life it won’t climb.


Why don’t you get it?

Trees grow just to fall,

Why can’t we admit,

How we are so very small?

4 Comments to “Devil’s Table”

  1. Very nice both poems, you are forgetting to use the ” read more ” tag.

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