A passionate discovery

by Jem Croucher


In life I have two passions
which, I’m pleased to say
I’m blessed, as I can oft indulge
in each ‘most every day
One (you’ve guessed) is writing
as these words attest right here
Something that I love to do
and in my life hold dear

The other one is music
Most genres satisfy
And there’s always something playing
as each day passes by
I’m always after bargains
in record shops around
As there’s joy in a discovery
of something new I’ve found


For example, just the other day
when adding to the mix
I bought a forty year old album
pressed back in seventy-six
And there inside the sleeve I found
a provenance most apt
A ticket from the year itself
to see the very act

It really is most wonderful
finding things like this
A kindle to the passion
and addition to the bliss
So as I listen to the music
I will capture words to say
Something of the pleasure
I have experienced today

Photos – Jempics

4 Comments to “A passionate discovery”

  1. Loved this! I also enjoy music and writing, What a lucky find you had with the ticket inside the album cover 🙂

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