A book is a thing

by Harry

One syllable poem: Poetry challenge


Submitted by Gradmama2011

A book is a thing
to love for years
for age does not count.
If I have books, I think,
there is all that I need.

A friend, some fun, a place
to hide from wind and rain
in a posh nook or plain den…
A book could not care less—
who we are or where we live
or how we use our Minds.

A book just waits
to be picked up by a child
or an old man…or (in a pinch)
used as a weight, or a wee tent
to hold o’er our head
to keep us dry when it rains.

In a book we can hop on a train,
swim in a lake, go to school,
learn of bugs and how-to-make-glass
(just to name a few)
or learn how to cook, to make a dish
knit a warm wrap, or how to kiss!

Best of all, it may be,
is to learn how to write
a rhyme, a note, an ode, or a tome.
Just pick up a pen
and write some words!

One Comment to “A book is a thing”

  1. This is so true. A book is so much more that some words on paper 🙂

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