One Syllable Poetry Challenge – A Limerick

by Judy E Martin

One Syllable Poem: Poetry Challenge

There was an old girl called Jude

Who did not like those that were rude.

When a man who had gas

Let one rip from his ass

It put her right off her food!

11 Responses to “One Syllable Poetry Challenge – A Limerick”

  1. Very original and hilarious… xD

  2. I was wondering of you were entering this challenge, and did so, so tremendously!

  3. I don’t know how to post the poem to the site, so I’ll post my one syllable poem here – called “Rest”
    She ran
    lost there, sped
    straight to the trees
    cool they were
    tall and hush
    with arms and ground
    and place
    to rest.

    C Villeneuve

    • Oh this is lovely. 🙂 On the site there is a tab where you can ‘submit a poem.’ Send it there, and then if you want to, ask Harry (the site founder) whether you can become an author of the site. That is what I did 🙂


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