Ode to Cadbury’s

by Judy E Martin


I heard a little Wispa

There’s a rumour going about

That Cadbury’s chocolate production

Has had a little Time Out

They have moved across the water

To give their sales a Boost

But the chocolate’s taste is different

And the bar size is reduced.

The Fudge was once a ‘finger’

Is now more like a toe

The chunky Double Decker          

Has let the top deck go!

Caramel is missing a piece

Whole Nut is more like half

The Flake would now be finished

Before you even ran the bath!

Dairy Milk has dwindled

And so has Turkish Delight

Poor Crème Egg is beaten

And Fry’s Chocolate Cream is not right!

I think you should consider

Giving back the large sized bars

To keep the customer happy

Or they’ll defect to Mars!


15 Comments to “Ode to Cadbury’s”

  1. Clever, clever, clever . . .

  2. That is just wrong…I don’t have anything in the cupboard. Apart from very well thought out and no dribbling, it was accurate!

  3. Love the flawless effort of the other brand name delights.

  4. Very cleaver but we will never see the big bars again

  5. Absolutely brilliant – but so true! Creme eggs are the worst culprits. You used to get them in half dozen boxes like real eggs; but this year the boxes were down to five and the eggs were so small you could get them in your mouth in one go! You never used to be able to do that! (And I know it’s not Cadburys, but don’t get me started on Wagon Wheels!)

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